Good Night turning Bad...

Ryan and his crew headed out to Knoxville this past weekend and the night started off great. Ryan set quick time, and was almost a tenth of a second faster then the second place car. However, when you time in first you start sixth in the heat race, and last night with the track being quite tacky, fast and narrow it was very hard to pass. With this being said, Ryan started and also finished sixth, and they only took the top 5 to the A feature, so Ryan would have to run the B.

Ryan had a good starting spot in the B feature, starting on the pole. However, on the first start, the guy on the outside of Ryan jumped the start and Ryan held back, so the first start didn't stay green. The second start, the guy on the outside of Ryan decided not to go, and they said Ryan jumped, so that start didn't stay green either. This caused Ryan to get penalized, and not the other guy on the outside of him, and Ryan was sent back to rows. However starting back 2 rows didn't hurt him and he was still able to transfer to the A and finished second.

In the A feature, Ryan started in the back since he came from the B. The green flag dropped and there was contact being made in the front and cars were trying to avoid it. It all happens so fast, nobody really knows what all happened but Ryan was sent into the fence and flipped several of times. Ryan was able to walk away.

Ryan and his team have got a lot of calls concerning on how he was. Thank you everyone for the thoughts and concerns. He is a little beat up and sore but will be putting a new car together and will be back racing on Friday night at I-80 Speedway in Greenwood, Nebraska.

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